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When the Temple of Divine Healing’s most cherished angel falls for ATL’s most

notorious womanizer, all hell breaks loose. The songbird’s flawless life turns in so

many directions, everybody’s head begins to spin. From church leaders to the massive

congregation, her over-protective parents, younger brothers, the rest of the huge

Courtland clan, and her gaggle of bestest friends, everybody looks to Chrisney as the

shining example. But, as soon as street-edged, self-made millionaire, Treyell Corbin

steps on the scene, anybody breathing knows daddy’s little princess is no match for

the hail storm coming her way.

Chrisney thinks she can have it all. And why not? She always has. But, when the

proverbial crap hits the fan, she’s forced to choose between the love of her life and

upholding her vow of celibacy until marriage - a family tradition that hasn’t been

broken in 100 years.

Who will win the battle of wills? Read the book and dare to be surprised!

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A hard hitting, entertaining, realistic account of one woman’s battle for sanity and soul

that turns the tide on an entire town! Pre-order your copy today!

First 50 orders receive personalized autograph to name on order. God Bless!

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A portion of book sales will go towards the development and implementation of my

non-profit organization, “I Write WMC,” to enhance the writing skills and overall

literacy of underprivileged youth and young adults. Your pre-orders will  help me

accomplish this goal and begin servicing our youth much sooner which makes it even

more special, so Thanks in advance!

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